CDB Embraces Gender Equality

The Caribbean Development Bank recognizes equality between women and men as a fundamental right and necessary condition for the effective and efficient achievement of growth and social and economic inclusion development objectives.

As an overarching principle, the Bank is committed to the promotion of gender equality and to gender mainstreaming in all its policies and financial operations, while supporting specific measures to prevent, remedy or eliminate gender inequalities and gender discrimination. The Bank also collaborates closely with national, regional and global development partners, and increasingly with the private sector, to support the enabling environment for gender equality in its Borrowing Member Countries.

Dr. Warren Smith
President, CDB

“CDB sees gender equality as a strong driver of growth and an important ingredient for prosperity. It contributes to more effective public institutions and a more resilient private sector. We therefore prioritise responsive institutional and policy reform; the expansion of productive and decent employment; and inclusive stakeholder partnerships…”

– Source: International Women’s Day 2015 : Dr. Warren Smith, President, CDB

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